Hey Kit, guess what?


False alarm.:S

DAY 40

Hey Kit guess what:

See you later k?!


DAY 39

Hey Kit guess what:

You’re arriving tomorrow, whaaaaduuuuuup!?

Hahaha… even Ky’s giddy. I’m guessing you’ve been super busy bonding with your cousins for the past few days. And probably shopping last minute. Enjoy your last few hours? there k?

You did it! 5 weeks away. Good job. Have a safe trip back k? I have kwento when you get back. About what I’ve been doing the past 3 days. K?

In the meantime, sulitin mo na yung time mo there k? I’ll wait for you here.:)

Tc, Miss you!


Uwi ka na Kit.:P

DAY 38

Hey Kit guess what:

I’ve been spending. Whenever I go to school for OSA stuff or whatever, I end up spending for lunch AND dinner. I hate it. Di pa ko paid eh rar. Kanina I went to Trinoma. I bought na yung charger and battery. P1,729.00. Bwiset! hahaha

Then I had the car washed and waxed. P340.00. I’m preparing for your return na eh. Hehe.. I finally too ka bath na rin. HAHAHA. Kidding.

It’s super hot here. So I’m anticipating consecutive days of reklamo from you and Noe. Also dear, if you haven’t gotten my message in FB. I am still thinking of a way na I can maximize my time with you on Tuesday. It’s Joe Black’s coding day (Yes, I named him just now Joe Black). So I only have 10am-3pm. You leave hongkong ng 10am pa lang…hence I’m anticipating that you will be settled ng 1pm pa. Then you’ll be bonding pa with your parents or something… So if ganun, 7 na ko pde pumunta sainyo or else I’ll be stuck at your place from 3pm onwards kung abutan ako ng coding. Crud.

I want you to rest pa naman.


I miss your everything.

One piece please?


DAY 37

Hey Kit guess what:

Super looong day. Guidelines for Student Activities presentation today. Grouped with Ate Rica, Sir Morny and Ate Julie sa Ching Tan. Almost 60++ people. I handled the GD. hehehe…

I’,m starting to get comfy with the work na. Had a picture taking pa with the OSA people for the GetBlued ad their making. They gave us free shirts kasi. I’m hoping for the very best this year.

I finally saw Buan. Just realized I missed her a lot. hahaha… Ngayon ko lang siya ulit nakita eh. I also saw some of my other freshies. Hahaha. Puro nga pala sila active sa org.

Anyway, after “work”, Sa, Rica and myself decided to go out. We went to Eastwood to check out Igi’s condo. I don’t think it’s best to visit pa. There’s a pool na maraming jejemon pa. And the building is like 60% Done. The elevators were broken so we had to take the stairs. Crud. But the condo itself was cool.

I really-really miss you! Hahaha… I shall introduce you to OSA people when you get back. Funny story: Sir Chris kasi got engaged yesterday. Tapos over lunch we were talking relationships. And then Ate Rioca said, “pls let’s nottalk about this”, then Ate Julie said “Tingin ko malapit ka na rin (magka-BF)”…Tapos Ate Rica said “Sino?”…tapos Ate Julie gave a grin. I just knew what she was thinking. So I looked away. Then Sa and Rica burst into laughter! hahaha… Ate Rica said “eh may girlfriend na yan eh”…then ate Julie was like “Sino GF mo?”…. TO ME!!! hahahaha….I just knew it.. Kala niya I was making porma kay Rica kasi we were always hanging out. Then Sir Chris said, kilala mo yung girl. etcetc… Basta they were intrigued kung bakit batch ni Sa. And they were asking Sir Chris pa if that was allowed. Hahaha… Basta funny. I’m sure when you finally meet Ate Julie and she realizes it’s you, she’ll be surprised.

Commercial: Nung nalaman niya na BF ni Sa si Koy, gulat na gulat siya. Nainis ata siya kay Koy kasi the whole time na nasa GA, nagbabasa siya ng Novel. Mejo nahiya tuloy ako sabihin na pinsan ko siya. grabehan lang….

Ayun… counting down the hours na.. hehe… come home!!!

Miss you!


DAY 36

Come home.


DAY 35

Hey Kit guess what:

Excited to see you na! Wuhoopeeee!

I’ve been busy and bored at the same time. I don’t think that’s healthy. Hahaha

Speaking of healthy, I hope you are all well and un-sick.:P

Kenny Rogers is open na btw.It’s majestic.

TNT list is out. Soooooper konti nila. Nakakasad. But oh well. They’ll just have to accept their pride this time.

I want to go swimming. Igi’s parents bought a new condo in Eastwood. So I think we’re planning to go swimming there when you get back. I’m still fat though.. but what the heck. I want cold water!!!

Come home! Please.


DAY 34

Hey Kit guess what:

Sorry late. Grabe… tiring day. I finished the stuff assigned to me ng 1:30am kanina. Then had to wake up at 6:30am for final edits, then bring the file to school to print sa OSA for final proof-reading. 9:30-11:30am OSA meeting. Then I had to bring the proof-read documents to University Dorm. Ate lunch with Koy and Maan sa Som Mall.

Hung out with Koy and Sa rin to rest. Kwnetuhan kami sa ACILroom at papunta sa University Dorm. Ate pa sa Caf dun.

Saw Let-let. She was looking for you. Labo hahaha. She’s still super kulit. Ayun, will probably doze of in a few.

Tomorrow I will be judging in Denver’s class. Defense na kasi. So small businesses in SOMmall yung topic. Non-food dapat. Yun, I think it will be fun. Sana di ako tamarin. Gusto ko matry yun eh.. hehe… la lang.

Onti na lang talaga makakauwi ka na! SHuuuuuxxx! Come home na!

Miss you!


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